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CAD/CAM School

Рассказываем о преимуществах моделирования, производстве зуботехнических изделий с помощью 3d-моделей, показываем возможности CAD и обучаем работать с основными программами

2 days from 10:00 to 19:00, including breaks

During each school day, independent modeling and work on errors

Basic course

  • Basic aspects of setting teeth
  • Preparation boundary, cement layer, route of administration
  • Individual parameters for different materials
  • The structure and logic of the Exocad application
  • Basic Tools Wizard, Expert
  • Modeling of complete anatomy and partially reduced structures
  • Simulation of tabs, linings, veneers
  • Modeling of abutment, screw fixation using a scan marker
  • Simulation of the temporary structure before preparation
  • Manufacture of Wax-Up

Advanced course

  • General theory and structure of complete anatomy, variety of forms, distinctive features, work and competent adaptation of existing libraries of teeth
  • Working with photos, 3DDSD
  • Simulation using a face scanner and 2D photo
  • Planning 3D Mock-Up with further printing
  • Detailed modeling of complete anatomy, occlusal contacts, independent creation of a full Shulz shape
  • Working with a virtual articulator, using planes, billing anatomy
  • Making a demountable model in the Model builder module
  • Simulation of beam construction, attachment, telescopes, removable prosthesis

Train masters

Профессионально занимаемся CAD/CAM: моделируем и производим E-Max, ZR Prettau, абматменты, временные конструкции и прочее


Maxim Ashortia

+7 (926) 269-82-03

Akaki Patsuria

+7 (926) 566-66-95